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Joslyn Hi-Voltage® Transmaster® Switch Manages Power to Electric Furnaces with Maintenance-Free Longevity

Thomas & Betts Product Will Withstand 100,000 Maintenance-Free Operations

MEMPHIS, Tenn., March 27, 2013 – The Joslyn Hi-Voltage® Transmaster® Switch from Thomas & Betts is a heavy-duty vacuum switch that provides switching to electric furnaces in demanding environments, like steel mills, for up to 100,000 operations with no maintenance required. 

Switching of the circuit breaker to control transformer magnetizing, load and secondary fault currents for an electric furnace results in more than 100 switching operations each day, even though most circuit breakers are not made for constant switching. Containing no oil or gas for interruptions and insulation, the Joslyn Hi-Voltage® Transmaster® Switch is made to tolerate this level of heavy-duty operation without the frequent and costly maintenance required for circuit breakers.  

The Joslyn Hi-Voltage® Transmaster® Switch operates uniformly under varied system conditions and is available for system voltages ranging from 15 to 230 kilovolts. The Vacstat® Vacuum Monitoring Device detects vacuum loss and disables switch operation, which protects personnel and equipment, as well as indicating local and remote vacuum status to enable appropriate maintenance to be scheduled. The Joslyn Hi-Voltage® field-service team is available to perform switch maintenance and refurbishing. 

"The constant switching that characterizes the control of the large amounts of power that electric furnaces consume wears on the service life of circuit breakers,” said Chad Smith, director, product management at Thomas & Betts. “Our engineers worked closely with electric furnace manufacturers to develop the Joslyn Hi-Voltage® Transmaster® Switch in order to ensure that it would deliver the needed switching under demanding conditions, while requiring no maintenance.”  

For more information about the Joslyn Hi-Voltage® Transmaster® Switch, call (800) 816-7809.

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Joslyn Hi-Voltage® Transmaster® Switch Manages Power to Electric Furnaces with Maintenance-Free Longevity